Toddler Wellness Visit: 3 Years Old

Age: 3 years, 1 month

Ellie went for her annual check up. She got her flu shot and a fingerstick test. She was a trooper. She even did her first eye exam! She did amazing! She seems to me a pro at this knowing what to expect at the doctor’s office all the time.

I’m not sure if it’s because she gets sick so often that it’s become routine? She’s a lot braver than some people take her for (even though she pretends to be helpless every so often).

The only concern is still her speech. We’ve been told my her current day care provider that now that she is 3 years old that she should get examined by a speech therapist once again. Her vocabulary is no where near what a 3 year old should be. However, she has been trying to talk more. A lot of it is incoherent, babbling, or making noise. Occasionally, she will try to hold a conversation, but when she is compared to her other classmates, it is obvious her speech is not there. She can comprehend, but limited and incoherent vocabulary.

We’ve tried engaging with her by reading, asking her questions, correcting her pronunciation, but it’s obvious she requires a lot of work and might need assistance. The concern brought up is how will she communicate once she gets to elementary school.

We’re looking into getting a speech therapist. Even with insurance, it’s a bit expensive. So we’re looking at all options that don’t involve my insurance. I feel like this is something we should tackle in the new year.


10/10/15-18.75 inches

12/11/15-21 inches

2/12/16-23.5 inches

4/12/16-2 feet, 1 inch

7/12/16-2 feet, 3 inches

10/12/16-2 feet, 5 inches

01/13/17-2 feet, 5 inches (she didn’t grow)

04/17/17-2 feet, 6 inches

10/27/17-2 feet, 8 inches

11/12/18-3 feet, 1.5 inches


10/14/15-6 lbs, 7oz

10/28/15-8bs, 1 oz

11/11/15-9lbs, 4oz

12/11/15-10lbs, 3 oz

1/13/16-12lbs, 9oz

2/12/16-14lbs, 3oz

4/12/16-16lbs, 10oz

7/12/16-19lbs, 12oz

10/12/16-20lbs, 6oz

01/13/17-21lbs, 1 oz

4/17/17-22 lbs, 4oz

10/27/17-25 lbs, 2 oz

11/12/18-30 lbs


10/28/15-13.5 inches

12/11/15-14 inches

2/12/16-15.25 inches

4/12/15-16 inches

7/12/16-16.5 inches

10/12/16-17 inches

4/17/17-17 inches





7/12/16-75% (wt), 25% (ht)



Memorable Moments:

  • Not afraid of needles (as much)