First Swim Lesson

Age: 1 year (20 months)

We took Ellie to her first swim lesson. I found a lady who teaches private lessons at the community pool where we live at. I was thinking of group lessons, but I had a feeling Ellie might not be the “best” participant and needs more one on one attention.

It all started out okay when we arrived and Ellie was excited to be in new surroundings. We came out of the bathroom in our swimsuits all ready to go. That is…after Ellie peed all over the bathroom floor and I had to clean it up with paper towels as much as possible!! As soon as Ellie and I got into the water and got acclimated with the temperature, it just went down hill from there. There was about 30 minutes of crying and complaining. The initial lessons are to teach me how to help her get used to the water-in the pool and at bath time. All I can think is…wow…it’s going to be a long summer having her cry and scream in my face every time we’re in the pool! I hope it gets better. After all, Ellie is a stubborn little one.

Just this experience alone…I’m thinking I should start Addie much sooner than Ellie as she will be more pliable.

Memorable Moments:

  • First swim lessons
This is Ellie excited to explore the pool area before swim lesson.
This is Ellie at the beginning of swim lesson.
Ellie complaining
Look! Ellie is finally getting used to the water.
Ok..maybe not. She still hates swim lessons…

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